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A new era for the Turkish Submarine Force has begun as a contract for 6 new Type 209 submarines was signed between Turkish Navy and German Shipyard Howaldswerke Deutsche Werft (HDW) on 13 May 1972. According to this contract the first batch 3 submarines were to be built in Kiel, the remainder in Gölcük Naval Yard in Turkey with German assistance. Type 209 proved to be the most successful German submarine design of the post-war era, serving in the navies of 12 nations.

The keel of the first submarine TCG ATILAY was laid down on 22 August 1972 in Kiel. She was launched on 24 October 1974. She made her maiden dive on 25 March 1875. Afterwards Bundesamt für Wehrtechnick und Beschaffung (BWB) handed over the submarine to Turkish Navy on 29 July 1975. She remained in Germany until February 1976 and conducted training in Baltic Sea and Skagerrak. She was commissioned on 12 March 1976.

The construction of the second submarine TCG SALDIRAY started in 1973 and she was launched on 12 February 1975. After finishing all the tests she was handed over to the Turkish Navy by BWB on 23 October 1975. TCG SALDIRAY conducted accustomation dives and torpedo firings. Between 23 march and 2 May 1976 she performed 50 torpedo firings. She left Kiel on 12 July 1976 arriving in Gölcük at he end off the month. She was commissioned on 15 January 1977.

TCG BATIRAY the last submarine to be built in Germany was laid down in 1975 and was launched on 22 September 1977. Following the hand over she remained in Germany for more training. She arrived in Gölcük Naval Base on 29 September 1978 and was commissioned on 7 November 1978.

The construction of TCG YILDIRAY in Gölcük Naval Shipyard started 39 years after the last submarine was built in Turkey. Laid down on 15 May 1976 and launched on 30 July 1979 she was the third submarine to be completed in Turkey. TCG YILDIRAY is the first Type 209 class submarine build in a country other than Germany. She was commissioned on 20 July 1981.

TCG DOĞANAY, the second Type-209 to be constructed in Turkey was laid down on 21 March 1981. She was launched in 1983 and commissioned on 16 November 1985.

TCG DOLUNAY is the sixth 209 Type 1200 class submarine buşlt for the Turkish Navy. She was laid down on 9 March 1985. She is launched on 22 July 1988. she was commissioned to the Turkish navy on 28 July 1989.

Turkish Navy was on one hand building Type-209 class submarines with German assistance, on the other hand was getting feedback from operating these submarines. As a result of lessons-learned by building and operating these boats it was decided to built larger ones capable firing sub-launched anti-ship missiles. The contract about the next generation of Type-209 class boats was signed on 17 November 1987.

And the first enlarged Type-209,TCG PREVEZE was laid down on 12 September 1989. She was commissioned on 28 July 1994. On the same day the keel of the next submarineTCG SAKARYA was laid down too. TCG SAKARYA was commissioned on 21 December 1995.

A 450 million-DM contract for the next two boats was signed in June 1993 and the construction of the third enlarged TCG ATILAY class submarines was started on 28 July 1994. Named as TCG 18 MART, after the victory of the Turkish Forces on 18 March 1915 preventing the mighty Allied armada to forcing her way through Dardanelles. TCG 18 MART was launched in 1997 and was commissioned on 28 July 1998.

The forth submarine of enlarged Type-209 (known as PREVEZE class in Turkish Navy)TCG ANAFARTALAR was laid down on 1 August 1995. She was launched on 1 September 1998 and was commissioned on 22 July 1999.

On 22 July 1998 another contract about four more submarines for 996 million-DM was signed between HDW and Turkish Navy. Two days later the tenth submarine to be built by Gölcük Naval Shipyard was laid down. Named as TCG GÜR, she is the third submarine to bear this name. She is was commissioned in 2003. This new batch of submarines are called as Gür Class

Almost one year later on 22 July 1999 the second Gür Class submarine TCG ÇANAKKALE was laid down. She was launched in 2002 and commissioned into service in 2003.

The third Gür class submarine TCG BURAKREİS was commissioned on 15 February 2007.

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