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Builder: McDonnell Douglas,USA
Length: 4,628 m.
Diameter: 0,343 m.
Weight: 681 kg.
Warhead: 227 kg.
Range: 130 km / 70 n. miles
Speed: 0,9 Mach
Used in: Preveze, G (FFG-7), Tepe (Knox), Yavuz, Barbaros, Kılıç, Doğan, Yıldız classes
Main anti-ship weapon of Turkish Navy. Launched from its special canister except TEPE class where it is launched from ASROC launcher and G class where it is launched from Mk-13. Submarine launched version bought for PREVEZE class.


Builder: Aérospatiale, Fransa
Length: 5,2 m.
Diameter: 0,35 m.
Weight: 735 kg.
Warhead: 165 kg.
Range: 42 km
Speed: 1,0 Mach
Used in: B (A-69) class
World known fire-and-forget homing missile. entered into service with the purchase of A-69 class from France.


Builder: Kongsberg A.S.,Norway
Length: 3,00 m.
Diameter: 0,28 m.
Weight: 340 kg.
Warhead: 120 kg.
Range: Mk.2: 27 km, Mk.3: 32km
Speed: 0,8 Mach
Used in: Mk.2: Kartal class; Mk.7: Seahawk helicopters.
Mk.2 is short ranged anti-ship missile. Mk.7 is air launched version.


Builder: BAe Dynamics, U.K.
Length: 2,50 m.
Diameter: 0,25 m.
Weight: 145 kg.
Warhead: 20 kg.
Range: 15 km / 8,3 n. miles
Speed: 0,8 Mach
Used in: AB-212ASW helicopters.
Short ranged anti-ship missile. Used mainly against small warships


Builder: Hellfire Systems ; USA.
Length: 1,83 m.
Diameter: 0,178 m.
Weight: 48 kg.
Warhead: 8 kg.
Range: 10 km / 6,2 n. miles
Speed: 1,1 Mach
Used in: Seahawk helicopters.
Laser guided air-to-surface missile. The newly developed blast/fragmation warhead makes Hellfire II more effective against maritime targets including mine warfare ships, fast attack craft, speedboats etc. 84 rounds hasbeen supplied from February 2001.


Builder: Standart Missile Co., USA.
Length: 4,47 m.
Diameter: 0,34 m.
Weight: 625 kg.
Warhead: (?) kg.
Range: 46 km / 25 n. miles
Speed: 2,0 Mach
Used in: G (FFG-7) class.
Medium ranged (MR) anti-air missile. Entered into service with the transfer of FFG-7's, thus giving Turkish Navy an area defence capability.


Builder: Raytheon Co., General Dynamics
Length: 3,64 m.
Diameter: 0,203 m.
Weight: 225 kg.
Warhead: 38,6 kg.
Range: 15 km / 8 n. miles
Speed: 3,5 Mach
Used in: Yavuz, Barbaros classes.
Derivated from AIM-7 Sparrow air to air missile.In the second batch of BARBAROS class Envolved Sea Sparrow misiles might used with VLS Mk 41.


Builder: Huges Electronics Div, GM; USA.
Length: 4,42 m.
Diameter: 0,324 m.
Weight: 454 kg.
Warhead: Mk 46 Mod 5 torpedo
Range: 9,2 km / 5,1 n. miles
Speed: (?)
Used in: Tepe class.
Unguided rocket with a parachute retarded Mk 46 torpedo payload.

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